Shuf­fles is de­signed and cre­at­ed to keep your mes­sages pri­vate.

How does Shuf­fles make the mes­sage pri­vate?

Shuf­fles con­vert your text mes­sage into an im­age, then splits into small 100 thou­sand pieces and shuf­fles them like a puz­zle us­ing the pass­code you chose. When a re­cip­i­ent re­ceives your shuf­fled mes­sages they will be im­me­di­ate­ly re­moved from the servers.

END-TO-END en­cryp­tion not enough to pro­tect your mes­sages.

A lot of mes­sen­gers use END-TO-END en­cryp­tion to pro­tect your mes­sages. But END to END en­cryp­tion has one big issue, it can't pro­tect your mes­sages when some­one 'for ex­am­ple gov­ern­ment' easily can copy your phone SIM card and within a minute via your card Sign-Ins your mes­sen­ger account and receives your messages.

How we pro­tect your mes­sages.

Shuf­fles al­lows you to set your own pass­code to your mes­sages, on this case if some­body copies your phone SIM card and Sign-ins to your Shuf­fles ac­count in or­der to re­ceive your mes­sages, they won't be able to read them since they don't know your pass­code.

Our Mission

At a time when data breaches are at an all-time high, our main goal is to protect the privacy of your messages. Our team has worked hard so that your personal messages won't fall into the wrong hands. This completely new technology gives 100% protection to your messages.

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